Beyond Infinity?

A Meditation on Infinity and beyond

My idea of infinity: Whenever I think of this concept, I fail to grasp its meaning. Many wise men have tried to uncover its mystery. One generally thinks of something unbounded, limitless, that which does not change if something happens to it and even does something seemingly impossible.


  1.  Any number divided by infinity is zero. 
  2. Take away, divide, add or multiply anything to infinity, it still remains the same. 
  3. Every point over an infinite line can be treated as its mid point. 
  4. An object placed at infinite distance gives out parallel rays of light. 
  5. There are infinite numbers in this universe. 
  6. Somewhere, -ve and +ve infinity meet and form a boundary.

All of these ideas are considered impossible right? But what if I say my impossible is more impossible than yours? Your day might turn out to be a bit more surreal. Well, this post aims at transporting you to a place where you question your own insanity. 

Beyond Infinity?

Doesn’t infinity already cover everything imaginable? Isn’t infinity that superset which contains every other sets? Well… It isn’t!


  1. There are infinite numbers between 2 and 3, but none that is more than 3 or lesser than 2 (This means that when drawing a number line, we have already drawn infinite numbers). *This is an example of being infinite within a closed boundary*
  2. Out of infinte natural numbers, none are -ve. Out of infinite real numbers, none gives a negative answer on squaring. *Told you my infinity is more infinite than yours*
  3. Even though we know our universe to be limitless, it is not infinite. *This might help you a bit to accept big bang more*
  4. Whenever we take out two litres of any liquid, we already do infinite amount of work: First taking out 1 litres, then half, quarter, eighth litre and so on……INFINITE times. *Hence you can do infinite work without crossing the limits of ordinary*  /A big blow to those ‘hard-workers’ innit?/
  5. Place a lens in front of another lens near the focus. You will see converging ray of light for a distant object (just like in telescope). Tada….the object has now been placed beyond infinity.

That’s all for now. Let us take a deep breath and come back to the real world, where the entropy continues to increase. Doesn’t matter how much you suspend your disbelief. 

Through the looking grass

A Stoned Blogger

With an irrelevant picture that subconciously distracts you from the low quality content 

**/ Dear Government Intelligence Agencies, this work is completely fictional and I do not know where or how or who deals in/with cannabis/** 

The experience of good quality grass enjoyed with a group of good friends is hard to explain. We talk about things which should not be trifled with. Things like 

“What if we fry a boiled egg?” 

“Who is John Galt?”

 “What was going on in his mind when man first learned to milk a cow?”

 “Does buffalo salad contain buffalo or chicken?”

 “Why do all the fans rotate  anti-clockwise?”

 “How can I can a can as canners can a can?”

 “Maybe it wasn’t the killing curse that struck Harry”

 ” Maybe winter came before the chicken or egg”

 “What if everything isn’t grey, just plain black and white; what would happen to Sasha Grey or Christian Grey?”

Sometimes we even talk of everyday issues:

-An electron would float everywhere if an atom were to be isolated. 

-The only identity of our’s is the brain. If we could preserve the brain, we could theoretically preserve ourselves. 

-There is no continuity in matter. Yet, there are definite boundaries of objects. 

-The Raven just reflected Poe’s dark inner fears, just like the three witches did Hamlet’s. 

-You can mix red and white to get yellow paint, you just have to add a little yellow paint first. 

– If edward could hear thoughts, why didn’t he hear Alice’s when she was seeing the future?

-Stirring is more effective when done in criss-cross rather than circular. 

-You can not eliminate faliures, you just have to maximize success. 
We are rare gems eh? We have long debated about happiness and how can it hinder true development. We know how being happy is a bit overrated, while being content is the true object to be coveted. We think of how we are a product of our environment, yet how the environment is a projection of our own minds. We wonder the fragility of our beliefs and how one carefully worded question peirces them. We talk of the coherence of basic thought processes between friends, limitations of imagination, the purpose of existence, the illusion of understanding, the boundaries between contradiction & the concept of boundaries without limitation. 

But we never seem to remeber any good ideas after we have sobered up, maybe the ideas dissolve away into oblivion to increase the overall entropy of our universe. 

If you gonna die…

Die with your boots on.

Something to Keep you motivated

I won’t lie. The enemy is strong. You have to be on your toes for your survival (also a good calf exercise). We have got to prepare ourselves.

We will be crushed, we will be broken, but we will not stop. We will rewrite the story of this war where we defeated the enemy using Mac and Cheese. We will stand for everything which is sacred: potatoes, black salt, cats and most importantly, Green Vegetables. Never has the opportunity sounded more glorious. We will rise to the heights and push the enemy from the top. Our children will read the poems of the enemy tumbling down the hill instead of fat Jack and plump Jill. We will cut down Jack’s beanstalk and make the giant fall down. (Jack seems to be too much associated with heights, I’ll have to investigate further).

(If you’ve read Tolkien) A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship. But it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the age of Men comes crashing down! But it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand! Men of the West!

The point is not to win. The point is not to defeat the enemy, but to make them afraid. I call upon you, my friends from chaos; to come forth and defeat the enemy from darkness beyond darkness.

*Play ride of Valkyries as background music*

*Goes to the nearest mental hospital to get his head checked*



Title Unavailable

 Disclaimer: This post is not one of those where I mumble about nothing for half an hour and waste valuable server space. I just couldn’t think of a suitable title and one more “Chaotic Life” would be an overkill.

A happy new year to my one or two readers. I know, it is such a pity that this poor boy writes in hopes of getting views but he gets no likes or comments. Well, I’m done with all these pretences. I just want to commit to a regular writing schedule, that’s it. If it were twitter, I’d post something along the lines of #NewYearNewMe. If it was facebook, I would check in at the nearest bar with two others I hate spending time with. With instagram it’d be a selfie with girls in the background pouting with the tag #NewYearsEve. But, I love 9gag so I spent my time browsing memes, replying with did not read it gif (removed) and asking help from captains.

I was not attacked with Zubat’s confuse ray in the past , hence I do not mistake my blog for my personal diary. You won’t find any information which I do not wish to be known publicly.

… Yeah….what was this post about again??Nevermind. 

About updates: I am learning dance for my Aunt’s wedding, I updated to macOS, gained a few kilograms and lost a good amount of money due to my carelessness. On a romantic front, I am still as single as ever. Also the update for my intellect is still unavailable. The only good thing I did for the past few months was not getting depressed (When you think about it, there’s a victory in that).

Blah blah blah. This was how interesting my past few months have been. All in all, it was just another brick in the wall and I have become comfortably numb. The grass was greener, days were sweeter and with friends surrounding. 

I’ll leave you here today. I just want to keep my writing habit polished. A bad day for blogging indeed. Just keep in mind the third law of thermodynamics which is named “second law” because the third law was ridiculously simple and they had to rename it to zeroth law. 


Chaotic Habits


Some habits to confuse your peers

Take it as a guide to being the cool rebel, or genuinely follow them. Either way, if you continue do follow these things people will think that you are out of your mind.

In this era of 140 character tweets and status updates, with buzzfeed’s list of top 10 lists to expertvillage’s One minute tutorials, I prefer to write over 500 words. But sadly, I lack the constitution for reading such long posts just like you guys. That is why I’ll continue to write in the trending fashion. 

Everyday before I wake up, I try to think of ways to make my life more dramatic. I have compiled a list of habits that may enable me to do so. Enjoy the read:

1. Try to incorporate your non dominant hand in your day to day activities. It’ll confuse your friends.

2. If you can,be seen reading some text in a language other than english.

3. Have a hobby which is different from the norm. Reading and writing is good, sculpting and pottery is better.

4. Learning a programming language is impressive, but to truly make an impression one must learn to make algorithms.

5. Learn to make quick Fermi calculations, and watch people regard you as an alien.

6. Have a weird allergic reaction to a completely useless product. Ex: Be allergic from powdered sugar, but not sugar cubes.

7. Tell people that you are a vegetarian because you hate plants and not because you love animals.

8. Wear two different watches: one  tells the hour correctly while the other telling the minute.

9. Insist on eating food with bare hands, say that you are practicing hinduism.

10. Mysteriously disappear during full moon nights and be evasive with the answer.

11. Wear non-matching socks.

12. Never reply to any comments on your post for a while, then pick a random comment and reply with a clever remark.

13. Always pick up your phone on the eighth ring, get a counting timer as your ringtone.

14. Read two books at a time on any unrelated subjects. Ex: Read One Hundred Years of Solitude along with Ben Franklin’s Autobiography.

15. NEVER read this blog in front of other people. It is for the best that the secret to your awesome randomness doesn’t become public.


Thank you and have a nice day. Keep on increasing the entropy.

A Sado-Masochist Game

An Encounter with a girl

Yeah I know. It’s a clichè right? Everybody has their ‘one that got away’. So, I met this girl somewhere in 2011 in my first year at the university. We met through a mutual friend and soon we were like college buddies. She was in the same department, thus it was natural that we encountered each other almost every day.

I realised that your author-me fancied her a bit. But, I wouldn’t date her as she and I both came out of a long relationship. Time passed and we continued to remain good friends. The whole freshman year was the time of getting to know everyone, hence it passed way too soon.

When the second year started she was looking for a guy to settle down with. I was having way too much fun with my new found independence. She then decided to go into a relationship with my roommate……….wait! You didn’t come here to hear me moping about how my college life sucked, did you? Well, it didn’t. I want to talk about the dynamic tension between us two during the college years.

It was obvious from the first glance that we both enjoyed each other’s company. I was angry that she was with my friend and not me. She tried to make me jealous of her boyfriend; I gave her no satisfaction. I showed her that I wasn’t bothered by the thought of her; she gave me no reaction and that made me want her even more. She said we were and always will be good friends; I didn’t do ‘friendship’ with her. I would make comments about how I like the girl with the long hair; she’d make her hair into a hassle-free bun. She would notice guys with trim clothes and masculine swagger; I’d wear my lose jeans and t-shirt.I’d be the one to talk deep ; she’d laugh while blowing this off. She had a terrible taste in music, I could never listen listen to a good song only once.

There was a polar attraction between us. We had our differences starting from the start. But we always saw eye to eye when it came to others. We were equally saddened when we saw what the world was turning into. We could talk of anything for hours, but when it came down to us, we always fell short of conversation.

She wanted to hurt me, she was successful. I thought I would be happy if she were sad, it wasn’t true. Ours was a sad0-masochist game where both of us derived pleasure from our own hurt in seeing each other hurt.

We carried on with our lives as if nothing happened. We still don’t talk sometimes. But still, the entropy continues to increase.


Thought Index

The Way of the Thought

Sometimes (read most of the times), I sit idly and stare at the ceiling, trying to not think of anything. My monkey-brain resists this process with the fullest of his strength and insists on jumping from one thought-branch to another. It got me thinking;  if I try to keep a track of all my thoughts, maybe something magical would happen. I called it the ‘Thought Index’ and searched it all over the internet (thanks to my shitty internet connection, it took me over 2 hours).

As you’d have guessed, this process is very old and is used all over the world , known as freewriting or stream-of-consciousness. It came as quite a shock to me. In fact, I have noted it down as the fourth worst thing that has ever happened to me. …… Now, you might be interested in what are the top three.. I know you are. Here goes:

No.3: My girlfriend slept with my best friend while she was dating me (sad thing is we were all just 15 years old)

No.2: I made a vow in front in front of the whole class that I’ll invent dehydrated water, fat-free butter and digestible chewing gum. I am sad to hear that last two have already been invented and the first one is on its way.

NUMBER 1:  I drank apple cider vinegar once, thinking it was Mountain Dew. I have had trust issues since then.

*Steam starts to flow out of ears* *Takes a deep breath* *Exhales dramatically*

Now, where was I?…… Yes, Thought Index. Basically, I think and write thoughts down to review them later. Harder than rocket science huh? The problem is that mind becomes clearer than a white space when you want it to actually think. Also, your mind focusses so clearly on the task at hand (like writing) that it stops all distractions and extra thoughts from forming. Naturally, if I ask my brain to do this while I am studying something seriously it not only allows all the background noises to distract me,but it also dwells in its own memories. Thank you idiot brain.

 If I wanted, I could give you an example of a thought index. I’d look at my thought rocket (trains are not fast enough) and then would make guesses about the thought transition phase and their mutual correlation. Because Sigmund Freud said that the first phase of learning psychoanalysis is practice on self (well, that was how I learnt about sex too). But, you guys have already wasted much of your time over this post.

The main idea is, and always will be: to be chaotic. The process of learning how your mind jumps will enable you to make those jumps easier. You will then be able to perform an action I call ‘Thought Shuffle’. This move will be able to help you against an enemy who can have the ability to read your mind. More about that on a related post.

And just like a good boy, I will say my ‘grace’. Dear lord, help me to never forget that the total entropy must always increase.

Note: It is still not definitive, but scientists have found that for nano-particles, the overall entropy may decrease.