An Unpopular Opinion

My Opinion on today’s blog posts.

I have been reading many “new” blogs about everything in general. A few of those were so interesting to read that I forgot to judge them objectively and just got immersed in their content. So potent was their pull that I couldn’t gather half as much attention for the other posts when I tried reading them.

Then there were some posts which were extravagantly normal (like this post). The overall flow was missing, the content was flavourless, fancy words were spit out as if being read from a thesaurus(I still think thesaurus is a type of dinosaur). My problem is that the authors wouldn’t even read their own works, or works similar to them if they even tried.

So, what should be done about this sickness that has gotten into today’s writers and poets? Fortunately, this guy ➡️ Me 😁, has a plausible answer.

*Curtain Rises* *Dramatic Music Plays* *Drum roll* *Melodramatic pause* …. CHAOS.

Yea, people today are less chaotic than they ought to be. They try so hard to be different that they end up sounding the same. Writers are now classified into various genres (maximum 8). There is so much creativity that monotonocity is missing from life. Everyone wants to read or hear new things. They are tired of being the nth level player in this (n-1)th level world. They need a daily dose of surreal and chaos to shake them out of their ordinary experience.

This can be found in the temple of chaos. Learn to embrace the chaos within you, TyP3 LyK DiS if it makes you think, stay away from your laptops and your desks, go to a factory to relax, write a post while sitting on a post, be random.
And always remember the second law of thermodynamics which makes the universe the way it is: Entropy must always increase.


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