A Sado-Masochist Game

An Encounter with a girl

Yeah I know. It’s a clichè right? Everybody has their ‘one that got away’. So, I met this girl somewhere in 2011 in my first year at the university. We met through a mutual friend and soon we were like college buddies. She was in the same department, thus it was natural that we encountered each other almost every day.

I realised that your author-me fancied her a bit. But, I wouldn’t date her as she and I both came out of a long relationship. Time passed and we continued to remain good friends. The whole freshman year was the time of getting to know everyone, hence it passed way too soon.

When the second year started she was looking for a guy to settle down with. I was having way too much fun with my new found independence. She then decided to go into a relationship with my roommate……….wait! You didn’t come here to hear me moping about how my college life sucked, did you? Well, it didn’t. I want to talk about the dynamic tension between us two during the college years.

It was obvious from the first glance that we both enjoyed each other’s company. I was angry that she was with my friend and not me. She tried to make me jealous of her boyfriend; I gave her no satisfaction. I showed her that I wasn’t bothered by the thought of her; she gave me no reaction and that made me want her even more. She said we were and always will be good friends; I didn’t do ‘friendship’ with her. I would make comments about how I like the girl with the long hair; she’d make her hair into a hassle-free bun. She would notice guys with trim clothes and masculine swagger; I’d wear my lose jeans and t-shirt.I’d be the one to talk deep ; she’d laugh while blowing this off. She had a terrible taste in music, I could never listen listen to a good song only once.

There was a polar attraction between us. We had our differences starting from the start. But we always saw eye to eye when it came to others. We were equally saddened when we saw what the world was turning into. We could talk of anything for hours, but when it came down to us, we always fell short of conversation.

She wanted to hurt me, she was successful. I thought I would be happy if she were sad, it wasn’t true. Ours was a sad0-masochist game where both of us derived pleasure from our own hurt in seeing each other hurt.

We carried on with our lives as if nothing happened. We still don’t talk sometimes. But still, the entropy continues to increase.



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