Chaotic Habits


Some habits to confuse your peers

Take it as a guide to being the cool rebel, or genuinely follow them. Either way, if you continue do follow these things people will think that you are out of your mind.

In this era of 140 character tweets and status updates, with buzzfeed’s list of top 10 lists to expertvillage’s One minute tutorials, I prefer to write over 500 words. But sadly, I lack the constitution for reading such long posts just like you guys. That is why I’ll continue to write in the trending fashion. 

Everyday before I wake up, I try to think of ways to make my life more dramatic. I have compiled a list of habits that may enable me to do so. Enjoy the read:

1. Try to incorporate your non dominant hand in your day to day activities. It’ll confuse your friends.

2. If you can,be seen reading some text in a language other than english.

3. Have a hobby which is different from the norm. Reading and writing is good, sculpting and pottery is better.

4. Learning a programming language is impressive, but to truly make an impression one must learn to make algorithms.

5. Learn to make quick Fermi calculations, and watch people regard you as an alien.

6. Have a weird allergic reaction to a completely useless product. Ex: Be allergic from powdered sugar, but not sugar cubes.

7. Tell people that you are a vegetarian because you hate plants and not because you love animals.

8. Wear two different watches: one  tells the hour correctly while the other telling the minute.

9. Insist on eating food with bare hands, say that you are practicing hinduism.

10. Mysteriously disappear during full moon nights and be evasive with the answer.

11. Wear non-matching socks.

12. Never reply to any comments on your post for a while, then pick a random comment and reply with a clever remark.

13. Always pick up your phone on the eighth ring, get a counting timer as your ringtone.

14. Read two books at a time on any unrelated subjects. Ex: Read One Hundred Years of Solitude along with Ben Franklin’s Autobiography.

15. NEVER read this blog in front of other people. It is for the best that the secret to your awesome randomness doesn’t become public.


Thank you and have a nice day. Keep on increasing the entropy.


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