Through the looking grass

A Stoned Blogger

With an irrelevant picture that subconciously distracts you from the low quality content 

**/ Dear Government Intelligence Agencies, this work is completely fictional and I do not know where or how or who deals in/with cannabis/**

The experience of good quality grass enjoyed with a group of good friends is hard to explain. We talk about things which should not be trifled with. Things like

“What if we fry a boiled egg?”

“Who is John Galt?”

“What was going on in his mind when man first learned to milk a cow?”

“Does buffalo salad contain buffalo or chicken?”

“Why do all the fans rotate  anti-clockwise?”

“How can I can a can as canners can a can?”

“Maybe it wasn’t the killing curse that struck Harry”

” Maybe winter came before the chicken or egg”

“What if everything isn’t grey, just plain black and white; what would happen to Sasha Grey or Christian Grey?”

Sometimes we even talk of everyday issues:

-An electron would float everywhere if an atom were to be isolated.

-The only identity of our’s is the brain. If we could preserve the brain, we could theoretically preserve ourselves.

-There is no continuity in matter. Yet, there are definite boundaries of objects.

-The Raven just reflected Poe’s dark inner fears, just like the three witches did Hamlet’s.

-You can mix red and white to get yellow paint, you just have to add a little yellow paint first.

– If edward could hear thoughts, why didn’t he hear Alice’s when she was seeing the future?

-Stirring is more effective when done in criss-cross rather than circular.

-You can not eliminate faliures, you just have to maximize success.
We are rare gems eh? We have long debated about happiness and how can it hinder true development. We know how being happy is a bit overrated, while being content is the true object to be coveted. We think of how we are a product of our environment, yet how the environment is a projection of our own minds. We wonder the fragility of our beliefs and how one carefully worded question peirces them. We talk of the coherence of basic thought processes between friends, limitations of imagination, the purpose of existence, the illusion of understanding, the boundaries between contradiction & the concept of boundaries without limitation.

But we never seem to remeber any good ideas after we have sobered up, maybe the ideas dissolve away into oblivion to increase the overall entropy of our universe.


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