A Thought’s Journey

I have been thinking. I have been thinking about thinking. I have been thinking about thinking even when I am not thinking about thinking. Sometimes, I do not think about anything in particular and then think what I was thinking then. Confused eh? Well I get mental bruises on my elbows too when I do that; but anything to keep the brain in a good shape. Quoting the words of the great Dr. Richard Phillips Feynman

” I wonder why. I wonder why.

I wonder why I wonder.

I wonder why I wonder why

I wonder why I wonder!”

This led me to investigate the process of formation of ideas in the seldom used human brain. Hence, this entry will be about my thoughts and the journey of thought to idea to action. (Now, I have used ‘investigate’, but this just means that I laid on my sofa and stared at the ceiling). Hence, 25 revisions later, I give to you….. A Thought’s Chaotic Journey

It begins with an unexpected stimulus. You see, hear, taste, smell or touch something and your mind instantly makes a connection. It’s like your thoughts finally found words (or equivalent) to come to life. Also known to many as the “Ahh” moment *Archimedes and his fans call it the Eureka moment, though it comes with a side effect of running around naked* . It is where you either see the end product with crystal clarity or simply a  vague outline, surrounded by fog of practicality;sometimes even less. Either way, this first step provides the initial push needed for that particular electric signal to enter the conscious mind completely.

Once you are conscious of a thought, you may accept or reject its contents depending on the mood.Your hearts always beat a bit faster and you may think of all centuries, millenniums or even seconds ahead with the idea’s image in your mind. This I think is the closest I can describe intuition. *If you are into random facts, scientists are now advocating that  intuition is nothing more than repeated thinking for a long time which has now become effortless*. Now, once the thought enters the conscious realm, it becomes an idea. You can decide to be consumed by it or simply discard it.  In this phase, the thought is like a teenager. Your thought will go through many changes, will eventually mellow down, will bear strong roots, take up parts from similar and opposite thoughts, will shatter fellow thoughts, will tear itself apart before finally settling down to a mature form. The funny thing is this process may sometimes take less than a second.

In the third step the idea if accepted, manifests itself into actions. You can abort the idea now if and only if the result is not favourable. The End. *All steps do not have to be complicated you know* (But the thought changes from a desire to an intention is this final step. If planted with enough subtlety, you may not be aware if the idea was originally yours or someone else’s.)

Enough for now, I’ll give you more insights later. *I will have to think of a better closing line than the 2nd law of thermodynamics.*



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