A Treatise of Mind

Mind’s reflection on its own thoughts


*Yay! those high school assignments at least gave me an idea on how to start writing*  I think I was on some stuff while I wrote the following. I have a deep fascination with mind and its processes. But, I can not create mass social experiments that’ll help me confirm my theories. Thus, I settle down for examining my own thoughts and coming up explanations for them. *I think I was possessed by a drunk greek philosophers’ ghost*.

Please do not judge me based on works like these. I am the funny guy, the joker, not some deep, dark, mysterious kind of guy.


The first reflection is on first impression

The first cut is the deepest. The chaos is neither a rapier nor a club, it neither slices through nor crushes you. It simply consumes. Everything and everyone that comes in its way is lost forever, the subject isn’t even aware of the process. That is why chaos is simply ignored by some, hated by some and feared by some. There are a few lost souls who are redeemed by it. The first impression is that one is chaotic merely for the sake of non-conformity, but the truth is that one feels so different that one feels there is something wrong with the world and not the self.


The second reflection is on the beliefs of mind

It’s always the second mouse that gets the cheese. The mind holds onto certain basic laws of morality with weak roots. Careful questioning and/or reading can simply uproot the mind with such a force that can cause actual nausea. The belief in belief tendency has and continues to leave the mind in a stalemate stance. Thus, mind sometimes finds itself helpless when the image of the world fails to the tests of the real world (moral dilemma, lesser evil,etc). The question “why do you believe what you believe” iterated over several times can seriously leave the mind with an existential crisis.


The third reflection is on emotions

Three is the number of completeness. Yes, the emotions make us complete. But they are nothing more than chemical reactions to an external/internal stimulus. Emotions are one of those intermediate reactions which can cause more chain reactions if not kept under check. The mind is simultaneously thankful and bewildered by these hormonal changes in the brain. Quoting the band Cabbage Garden’s lyrics “feelings and emotions are better left upon the shelf”. Also quoting the band Imagination Dragons “It’s where my demons hide” it is evident that the mind is aware of the negativity caused by emotions.


The fourth reflection is on Ego

Even though I don’t agree with objectivist philosophy, I think Ayn Rand was right when she said “Man’s ego is the fountainhead of human progress”. A sense of ego is what gives the definition to the sense of purpose of life. A mind can not and doe not comprehend the true vastness and randomness of the world around. The ego gives it the strength to create and hold on to particular ideas and ideals which in turn give it something a bit concrete to hold on to. The ego craves for self-satisfaction even if it achieved by altruism.


There, I said it. Now please stop haunting my mind and let me rest easy.


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