Acknowledgements and Disclaimer


The author would like to thank god for being so elusive and never giving him definite answers; it has made him do the work himself without depending on something external. He also thanks his past heartbreaks that have made him turn to the process of writing out thoughts. Author recognises the superhuman efforts of various other bloggers, authors, researchers, etc that have provided him with extra-ordinary pieces of their thoughts in the form of their writings.

The author doesn’t forget his friends and enemies; after all, a man is known by the company he keeps. His parents already did the best job they knew how to do, and he thanks them at each and every opportunity he can get. He feels blessed to have such a wonderful brother and his lovely cousins who make him feel he is more special than he really is.

He thanks his imaginary friend who left him to be the part of the ‘cool crew’. He mentions his laptop, his phone, his pencil, his eraser, his pens, his markers and various other stationery as his important tools. He acknowledges the feature of spell-check for its ducking awesome features. He thanks for Matthew Mullenweg for creating WordPress, also Mr. Gates for launching Ms-Office for Macs earlier than PCs.


All the posts made in this site are original works of the author unless stated otherwise. However, the author isn’t that stupid that he thinks putting a © sign will make his works patented and his sole property. So, the reader may copy the author’s work in part or in full without his explicit permission. “I just beg you to link back if you do plz”.

Any relation to a person (living or dead) is purely co-incidental. Also if you find any of my works offensive…   ,l,, (-_-),,l, …..

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