The Small Things

Wow! Two posts, on the same day! Is it Christmas already? Yeah, it was. But, you know what I mean.

I was reading something about history and wondered how the people lived in the old days. I have looked at paintings, focussed on the photographs, bent my head over books written in a dead language and even listened to stories from my grandmum and grandad. They seem to remember only few ridiculously unimportant details of their past. I wondered what an average day would feel like in the life of a person 200 years back?

What food would he eat? What type of clothes would he wear? What was an average day in his life like? What would he do for social interaction? What did his bed look like? . . . Then I had a brilliant idea to put down my little stuff (not talking about my small penis) preserved. I thought too much valuable information is being lost because all the people do it and it’d be considered foolish to take note of it.

Thus, my brilliant mind had an idea to change the way people write, to make sure no information is lost, ever , and to make millions and billions in terms of money…….. Only to find that what I was thinking of is a diary. A fucking diary. A small notebook which is generally found in the hands of teenage girls.

*Starts to question his own sanity and masculinity*


A Rant on Introverts

Against the Introverts, by an Introvert

I hate tags in all forms. Be it clothes, weblogs, lifestyle or price tags. No, not actually hate; I just don’t think they have a point except for prices and various other consumer details. I am sure you’d agree with me when I say that our society over-generalises everything nowadays. And now since I’ve got you to agree on this one tiny thing, you’ll agree with me that we introverts are what is wrong with the world today (because I’ve read about Ben Franklin Effect).

Yes, we have always shyed away from the spotlight, but know who holds the reins when it comes to working behind the scenes. Majority of artists, writers, scientists and internet trolls are us. We seem to be quiet around people. But give us anonymous masks and see our true colours shine through. We can be the most obnoxious people you will ever meet in your pathetically short life.

Introverts are self obsessed to the point that it hurts those who watch them. Look at us fumble, tumble and rumble as we keep our heads down and walk around. We NEED to stay alone, we don’t LIKE to stay alone (just as I need to wash myself daily, I don’t like it). We stay in our ivory towers, looking down on people who are a bit more social than us. We like giving off orders and make sure to punish those who don’t follow them.

We tend to belittle others because well, we have been made fun of too. We would have made an ‘Introverts Club’ and met regularly, but our natural inclination won’t let us be around so many strangers. The only support you see us giving to social causes is a share button. We may prefer texting over talking and staying outdoors with a book. You may find us in Libraries or swimming pools or taking a hike or painting or even conducting a scientific research. But generally we are behind the screen of computers and mobile phones.

All I am trying to say is, the world may see introverts as shy and awkward people; we are. We like to show ourselves as being holier than everyone; we aren’t. But we are all much more. We all are. That includes the extroverts too.






A Short Story

This is an excerpt from the story ‘The Shepherd Boy’ by Brothers Grimm. The narrator has added his own style to it. A similar speech has been used in the series Doctor Who in the episode Heaven Sent.


“How many seconds in eternity?”, you ask.
“There’s a mountain just outside the feilds of Svithjod, made of pure diamond. It takes an hour long to climb it, and an hour to go around. Everyday, a little bird comes to sharpen its beak upon the mountain and wears it away little by little, day by day. When that final piece of diamond would have chiseled away, the first second of eternity would have passed.”


Some people listen to the story and think, “Well, that’s one hell of a long time”.

Some people listen to the story and think, “Well, that’s one hell of a bird”.

How to use shampoo

A guide to using shampoo properly

Yes! I am that jobless! But in my defence, I haven’t written for more than a month and I didn’t want my digital ink to dry out. I could say that I missed you guys but I didn’t.

Now every idea has a story behind it. Mine was shampoo running out at an alarming pace. Yes, I use product in my hair, I am a modern man. I even use conditioner after the wash. Top that! Anyway, I live in a dusty town. Not like the wild west where sand blows dramatically, but we still manage to suffer from the dust and dirt.

Being a frugal man, I am alarmed by the increasing cost of everything. Be it your day, girl child, your recent document, your money or even your latest game, I believe in saving (I think I have said it earlier too). Hence the post. Save shampoo while showering.


1. Rinse and soak your dirty hair with water.

2. Take 1/3rd of the amount of shampoo you generally use and wash away the dirt.

3. Rinse your head again to remove the scum.

4. This step is for those who use conditioners as well – apply your conditioner right now (try to use half of what you normally use). Leave it on for as long as you deem it worthy.

5. If your conditioner is one which asks to be left on the scalp after use, throw it away.

6. Apply more shampoo (about 1.5 times you used earlier) to completely remove the conditioner and wash your hair perfectly.

I have used this method and made my 500 mL shampoo last for 6 months, which is very sad. It is. Very, very sad.






A Song

A Review of a Song

Coke Studio Season 10 – Episode 2
Title: Faasle
I am not a music lover. I tend to hate most of the songs now produced. For me, music was better when ugly people were allowed to make it. So I don’t listen to new artists because I end up never listening them again if I didn’t find them interesting on the first try. Hence I don’t review songs; or any art. I just enjoy it.

But, there are songs and then there are songs. I can pretty much treat songs on the former category with indifference. It is the second category that kills me. They stir an emotion that can not contain itself inside me. It makes me want to share that feeling with everyone around me. So here I am, sharing that feeling with all of you.
Introduction: This is a song of unrequited love, of love found and love lost. It is a song of remembrance, a blessing to the beloved, an ode to the times they have shared. This song laughs in the face of fate who has forced the lovers to be apart.

Lyrics (as per YouTube captions)(translated from Hindi/Urdu):

A chasm has opened up
All paths have failed
What cure is there now for broken hearts?
The happiness that always remained beyond my reach
May you be blessed with it wherever you may go
I pray fervently that you continue to prosper in life
And that all your hopes and dreams may come true
May your world never reflect the barrenness of mine
Never reflect the barrenness of mine.

Your each and every memory is etched into my heart
The way you would smile at me
The way you would whisper to me that “you belong only to me”
God only knows how it came to this pass
How we came to be driven apart.
I abandoned everything for you
I burnt all my boats to come here to you
But you never became mine
You simply walked away
I don’t know where you disappeared, taking my heart with you.
Where would I go?

I’m still right here
I’m present in every beat of your heart
You’re in my dreams when I sleep
In my thoughts when I’m awake
At each and every moment, you’re with me.
My heart beats for no one but you
Now it will never belong to anyone else
I am saying goodbye
I am saying goodbye….

The Philosophers Stoned, as we like to call ourselves, have had a discussion on this song. We all have been through heart-breaks, we all have someone we call our ‘the one’. After a few hours of “discussing”, one of us made an observation.

This song is not about a love lost. The love was still in the heart of the lovers. There is now a physical distance between them. Emotionally, they are still together. Even the singer says that he is in the beating of her heart. While she is in his every waking thoughts and sleepless dream.

“The lover gives his heartfelt blessings to her, she is ready to abandon everything for him. This really is a straight forward song, not too complex. One is supposed to laugh at such childish things,but after listening to him, I feel empathetic and even jealous of the kind of love he has.”

“After all, one can’t simply move on. The ones we love don’t leave us, not really.”

I know, this may sound a bit too lovey-dovey to you. But you can’t argue that there is something magical in that composition. The slow vocals of Ms. Quraitulain Balouch seem to stop the progression of time. Kaavish’s (the singer-guitar duo) sound is free from the mainstream crap and sounds very genuine. No part of the song seems to be forced upon the listener. I have listened to this song countless times and still couldn’t figure out how 5 minutes have actually passed. This song isn’t great, it is good, in the absolute sense of the word.

An Interview

In case I ever become famous (which is very probable and will happen very soon), I don’t want to be that person who wastes his time surrounded by reporters and photographers all the time. My time will be used up in more productive persuits like making dehydrated water, refillable refills, re-lightable matchsticks, a seven shot pistol, mascara that fades away after 6 hours, a clock that rotates anti-clockwise, etc (you get the general idea).

Naturally, the media will be after me, trying to get my story published, earlier than their competitors. Well boo hoo! I beat them all to it. I have interviewed myself. You guys can use the interview to generate more traffic for your blog.

Moving on, let’s waste some more time. I want to give you the perfect buildup. Our world has a very limited time. People want to waste it very sparingly. The main point of an interview is for the audience/visuience to know the interviewee. (I could have written an “about” page. But since when did I start following my own thoughts?) So here I am, giving you the much unawaited interview. Just a little disclaimer though: All questions and answers in this “interview” are fictional. But that does not make them untrue or fake. I have tried my best to keep the questions offensive,but I can’t please everyone; I am not a pizza. (Re-re-reading my blog, I DO HAVE an about page. Well, I fancied another section about me. Shoot me!)

The Interview:
Me: Hello and welcome. Our readers would like to know a little bit about you.
Also Me: Thanks for having me. I am not a very interesting person to know. Just your average guy next door. I write blogs and read them too. In between, I manage to run a small business.
Me: How did your writing journey began?
Also Me: I began writing in my elementary school. The teachers tell me that I was very bad at it. I was intrigued by that. I wanted to do something I am bad at. Seriously though, diary and journal writing was a habit I had to develop over time. I had read that many great leaders used to maintain their daily records, I wanted to become great like them. It all started with writing down lyrics from favourite songs. Once or twice I wrote down things that were bothering me. Something magical happened at that moment. Writing became my therapy, my outlet for unnamed emotions. Suddenly I could take my thoughts out and re-think them as per my requirement. It was handier than a pensive in Harry Potter.
Me: Wow thanks. Although I’d prefer you give out short answers. Good for the featured list and radio friendly too.
Also Me: ,|,,(-_-),,|,
Me (After a pause) : Any particular influences that helped define your writing style?
Also Me: Not any one particular blog. I have taken influences from various authors, bloggers, lyricists, poets, content writers, painters, drawers (they who draw), reporters, journalists (they who write a journal) and many more. Feynman’s Lectures on Physics, a very popular blog called , Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead, Sherlock Holmes’ stories and Methods Of Rationality changed my perspective drastically. My writing style is borrowed, stolen, inspired and modified form of all the things I have read. But somehow, everything feels so personal too. I would have hated myself if I merely copied them. Instead all of their thoughts, their way of expression were interpreted by me and are presented here in the things I write.
Me: Any recommendations for the new upcoming blogger?
Also Me: Yes. Stop writing!
Me: Excuse me?…. I mean… Please elaborate why shouldn’t they write.
Also Me: I think writers, authors, bloggers, musicians and all artists in general, try to shove their points down others’ throats. I get it, Mundane Monday Challenges, Hundred word story Challenge, A quote a day challenge, Typing with your left hand challenge are fun; but their aim is to let the writing juices flow and not become the only thing people talk about. An artist creates his art to express what is inexpressible using day to day tools. If there ever was a time where you thought that you’d explode if you didn’t let the idea out, then you know what I am talking about. So yeah, don’t write because you can. Write because you can’t not.
Me: That’s really deep. Especially coming from someone who’s blog has URL “a chaotic state of mind”
*Sound of punching and breaking vases on interviewer’s head*
Me: I meant that it was a very unusual title. Why did you choose such a name?
Also Me: I have tried to think about thinking and its processes. The hows, whens and the whys of thought formation and their transition to actions and memories. Some thoughts become memories because of emotional attachment, some because of their utility while others because of their absurdity. Once these memories are stored, they become strangely attached and intertwined. The only way I can define these memories and thoughts is through the word chaos. Hence the name.
Me: Looks like someone has been using a lot of thesaurus lately.
*Sound of slapping on cheeks*
Also Me: Well, you were asking for it.
Me: No way. All I asked for was an interview.
Me: Referring to the so called “deleted” post, who was that girl?
Also Me: She goes by the name ‘none of your business’. That story is mind’s version of whatever had happened between her and me. Nothing more, nothing less. Now be a good Elsa and let it go.
Me: Okay. All right. Let’s talk about the weather.
Also Me: Something about the Interview please.
Me: Yeah.. Thanks for the interview. It was really…okay-ish.
*Sounds of pushing someone out and banging of door*
*Angrily murmurs*

A Writer’s Block

Or do you prefer if I call it the Blogger’s block? How about a blog’s block? Sometimes I just want my monkey brain to not make a racket every time I try to concentrate.

Note (or do not note; I really can’t command you) : This is provided as an actual insight to whatever happens during a writer’s block. You all will probably have had the same sets of thoughts some time or the other. Even if you used different words like bottled up feelings or hollow emptiness, I am pretty sure you will understand what I was thinking .I know my writing (typing) style takes a hell lot of time to get used to; but 21 posts is enough. If you don’t want me to continue, dear lord, please do not give me a sign. *Waits* *Nothing Happens* Thank you.

I don’t consider myself a writer, I don’t write regular columns or rows for big-traffic generating websites. I don’t even know if I should label myself as a blogger. What are the minimum requirements? Do I have to have a mac? Do I need a certain number of posts? Should I write with certain frequency? Is there a minimum number of views and likes required? Do I need a custom domain? Or do I have to add my profile picture or a random nature pic after every post? Or does it depend on the number of comments my blog has? Do I have to be featured in the weekly newsletter? Must I visit some remote locations and try street food and review it? Maybe I should be struggling for some sort of breakthrough that’ll make me famous overnight.

Dear WP administrators, maybe you should update your “frequently” asked questions. I am sure I am more curious about myself rather than how WP works. 😛

Now, the writer’s block is a period when a writer is stuck creatively. He/she is not able to continue his unfinished works and struggles to write new things. This is where majority of us are most of the time. I mean I have to crawl through mental sewage of ideas just to put up a decent headline. I can not imagine Robert Brown writing Da Vinci’s Code and Angels & Demons one after the other while suffering from a block once in a month or so. Actually scratch that.  That is probably exactly what happened. But for most of us, we are stuck most of the time. And we need not make an unnecessary blog post about it.

Then there is this other thing called internet. It has all the recipes for getting out of any situation. I think I have even read a how-to about How To Be A God. This means that theoretically, we have the solution even before the problem is fully developed. This is where we have lost. The enemy has found our one weakness: we have the solution to ALL of the problems. What we lack is the knowledge of all the problems.

Too much eh? I know.  This is why I prefer to write about concrete topics. At least you don’t get to judge me based on the content. Yup, I’ll post 10 fun and interesting facts next time. Just to be by myself. *Insert the boring closing line about entropy continuing to increase*.





Title Unavailable

 Disclaimer: This post is not one of those where I mumble about nothing for half an hour and waste valuable server space. I just couldn’t think of a suitable title and one more “Chaotic Life” would be an overkill.

A happy new year to my one or two readers. I know, it is such a pity that this poor boy writes in hopes of getting views but he gets no likes or comments. Well, I’m done with all these pretences. I just want to commit to a regular writing schedule, that’s it. If it were twitter, I’d post something along the lines of #NewYearNewMe. If it was facebook, I would check in at the nearest bar with two others I hate spending time with. With instagram it’d be a selfie with girls in the background pouting with the tag #NewYearsEve. But, I love 9gag so I spent my time browsing memes, replying with did not read it gif (removed) and asking help from captains.

I was not attacked with Zubat’s confuse ray in the past , hence I do not mistake my blog for my personal diary. You won’t find any information which I do not wish to be known publicly.

… Yeah….what was this post about again??Nevermind. 

About updates: I am learning dance for my Aunt’s wedding, I updated to macOS, gained a few kilograms and lost a good amount of money due to my carelessness. On a romantic front, I am still as single as ever. Also the update for my intellect is still unavailable. The only good thing I did for the past few months was not getting depressed (When you think about it, there’s a victory in that).

Blah blah blah. This was how interesting my past few months have been. All in all, it was just another brick in the wall and I have become comfortably numb. The grass was greener, days were sweeter and with friends surrounding. 

I’ll leave you here today. I just want to keep my writing habit polished. A bad day for blogging indeed. Just keep in mind the third law of thermodynamics which is named “second law” because the third law was ridiculously simple and they had to rename it to zeroth law. 


Chaotic Habits


Some habits to confuse your peers

Take it as a guide to being the cool rebel, or genuinely follow them. Either way, if you continue do follow these things people will think that you are out of your mind.

In this era of 140 character tweets and status updates, with buzzfeed’s list of top 10 lists to expertvillage’s One minute tutorials, I prefer to write over 500 words. But sadly, I lack the constitution for reading such long posts just like you guys. That is why I’ll continue to write in the trending fashion. 

Everyday before I wake up, I try to think of ways to make my life more dramatic. I have compiled a list of habits that may enable me to do so. Enjoy the read:

1. Try to incorporate your non dominant hand in your day to day activities. It’ll confuse your friends.

2. If you can,be seen reading some text in a language other than english.

3. Have a hobby which is different from the norm. Reading and writing is good, sculpting and pottery is better.

4. Learning a programming language is impressive, but to truly make an impression one must learn to make algorithms.

5. Learn to make quick Fermi calculations, and watch people regard you as an alien.

6. Have a weird allergic reaction to a completely useless product. Ex: Be allergic from powdered sugar, but not sugar cubes.

7. Tell people that you are a vegetarian because you hate plants and not because you love animals.

8. Wear two different watches: one  tells the hour correctly while the other telling the minute.

9. Insist on eating food with bare hands, say that you are practicing hinduism.

10. Mysteriously disappear during full moon nights and be evasive with the answer.

11. Wear non-matching socks.

12. Never reply to any comments on your post for a while, then pick a random comment and reply with a clever remark.

13. Always pick up your phone on the eighth ring, get a counting timer as your ringtone.

14. Read two books at a time on any unrelated subjects. Ex: Read One Hundred Years of Solitude along with Ben Franklin’s Autobiography.

15. NEVER read this blog in front of other people. It is for the best that the secret to your awesome randomness doesn’t become public.


Thank you and have a nice day. Keep on increasing the entropy.

A Sado-Masochist Game

An Encounter with a girl

Yeah I know. It’s a clichè right? Everybody has their ‘one that got away’. So, I met this girl somewhere in 2011 in my first year at the university. We met through a mutual friend and soon we were like college buddies. She was in the same department, thus it was natural that we encountered each other almost every day.

I realised that your author-me fancied her a bit. But, I wouldn’t date her as she and I both came out of a long relationship. Time passed and we continued to remain good friends. The whole freshman year was the time of getting to know everyone, hence it passed way too soon.

When the second year started she was looking for a guy to settle down with. I was having way too much fun with my new found independence. She then decided to go into a relationship with my roommate……….wait! You didn’t come here to hear me moping about how my college life sucked, did you? Well, it didn’t. I want to talk about the dynamic tension between us two during the college years.

It was obvious from the first glance that we both enjoyed each other’s company. I was angry that she was with my friend and not me. She tried to make me jealous of her boyfriend; I gave her no satisfaction. I showed her that I wasn’t bothered by the thought of her; she gave me no reaction and that made me want her even more. She said we were and always will be good friends; I didn’t do ‘friendship’ with her. I would make comments about how I like the girl with the long hair; she’d make her hair into a hassle-free bun. She would notice guys with trim clothes and masculine swagger; I’d wear my lose jeans and t-shirt.I’d be the one to talk deep ; she’d laugh while blowing this off. She had a terrible taste in music, I could never listen listen to a good song only once.

There was a polar attraction between us. We had our differences starting from the start. But we always saw eye to eye when it came to others. We were equally saddened when we saw what the world was turning into. We could talk of anything for hours, but when it came down to us, we always fell short of conversation.

She wanted to hurt me, she was successful. I thought I would be happy if she were sad, it wasn’t true. Ours was a sad0-masochist game where both of us derived pleasure from our own hurt in seeing each other hurt.

We carried on with our lives as if nothing happened. We still don’t talk sometimes. But still, the entropy continues to increase.