Chaotic Rules

There is order in chaos. Thus, to make the most out of life, one must adhere to certain rules for the well-being of themselves and everyone around them.

Rule No. 0: A person who follows rules all the time is worse than useless.

Rule No. 1: One must be rumoured to do at least one thing which is labelled impossible by the society. (Whether or not one is actually able is not the question).

Rule No. 3: One must live life in a non chronological manner. In this way, the observers will be sure to feel a lot more surreal.

Rule No. 7: Ambidexterity is the third most important tool in your chaotic arsenal.

Rule No. 5: Most important tool is rational thinking.

Rule No. 6: Second most important tool – Making the enemy confused.

Rule No. 2: Never reveal all your secrets. At least one should be kept hidden, and in such a way that it takes a while to figure out what is wrong.

This is more of a guideline: Learn to make plots (not on graph paper), but real life. It keeps you on your toes.


And at last the Chaotic Mantra: The Entropy must always Increase.

Have a nice day, or night, or evening, or dawn. or whatever.