Beyond Infinity?

A Meditation on Infinity and beyond

My idea of infinity: Whenever I think of this concept, I fail to grasp its meaning. Many wise men have tried to uncover its mystery. One generally thinks of something unbounded, limitless, that which does not change if something happens to it and even does something seemingly impossible.


  1.  Any number divided by infinity is zero. 
  2. Take away, divide, add or multiply anything to infinity, it still remains the same. 
  3. Every point over an infinite line can be treated as its mid point. 
  4. An object placed at infinite distance gives out parallel rays of light. 
  5. There are infinite numbers in this universe. 
  6. Somewhere, -ve and +ve infinity meet and form a boundary.

All of these ideas are considered impossible right? But what if I say my impossible is more impossible than yours? Your day might turn out to be a bit more surreal. Well, this post aims at transporting you to a place where you question your own insanity. 

Beyond Infinity?

Doesn’t infinity already cover everything imaginable? Isn’t infinity that superset which contains every other sets? Well… It isn’t!


  1. There are infinite numbers between 2 and 3, but none that is more than 3 or lesser than 2 (This means that when drawing a number line, we have already drawn infinite numbers). *This is an example of being infinite within a closed boundary*
  2. Out of infinte natural numbers, none are -ve. Out of infinite real numbers, none gives a negative answer on squaring. *Told you my infinity is more infinite than yours*
  3. Even though we know our universe to be limitless, it is not infinite. *This might help you a bit to accept big bang more*
  4. Whenever we take out two litres of any liquid, we already do infinite amount of work: First taking out 1 litres, then half, quarter, eighth litre and so on……INFINITE times. *Hence you can do infinite work without crossing the limits of ordinary*  /A big blow to those ‘hard-workers’ innit?/
  5. Place a lens in front of another lens near the focus. You will see converging ray of light for a distant object (just like in telescope). Tada….the object has now been placed beyond infinity.

That’s all for now. Let us take a deep breath and come back to the real world, where the entropy continues to increase. Doesn’t matter how much you suspend your disbelief.