Thought Index

The Way of the Thought

Sometimes (read most of the times), I sit idly and stare at the ceiling, trying to not think of anything. My monkey-brain resists this process with the fullest of his strength and insists on jumping from one thought-branch to another. It got me thinking;  if I try to keep a track of all my thoughts, maybe something magical would happen. I called it the ‘Thought Index’ and searched it all over the internet (thanks to my shitty internet connection, it took me over 2 hours).

As you’d have guessed, this process is very old and is used all over the world , known as freewriting or stream-of-consciousness. It came as quite a shock to me. In fact, I have noted it down as the fourth worst thing that has ever happened to me. …… Now, you might be interested in what are the top three.. I know you are. Here goes:

No.3: My girlfriend slept with my best friend while she was dating me (sad thing is we were all just 15 years old)

No.2: I made a vow in front in front of the whole class that I’ll invent dehydrated water, fat-free butter and digestible chewing gum. I am sad to hear that last two have already been invented and the first one is on its way.

NUMBER 1:  I drank apple cider vinegar once, thinking it was Mountain Dew. I have had trust issues since then.

*Steam starts to flow out of ears* *Takes a deep breath* *Exhales dramatically*

Now, where was I?…… Yes, Thought Index. Basically, I think and write thoughts down to review them later. Harder than rocket science huh? The problem is that mind becomes clearer than a white space when you want it to actually think. Also, your mind focusses so clearly on the task at hand (like writing) that it stops all distractions and extra thoughts from forming. Naturally, if I ask my brain to do this while I am studying something seriously it not only allows all the background noises to distract me,but it also dwells in its own memories. Thank you idiot brain.

 If I wanted, I could give you an example of a thought index. I’d look at my thought rocket (trains are not fast enough) and then would make guesses about the thought transition phase and their mutual correlation. Because Sigmund Freud said that the first phase of learning psychoanalysis is practice on self (well, that was how I learnt about sex too). But, you guys have already wasted much of your time over this post.

The main idea is, and always will be: to be chaotic. The process of learning how your mind jumps will enable you to make those jumps easier. You will then be able to perform an action I call ‘Thought Shuffle’. This move will be able to help you against an enemy who can have the ability to read your mind. More about that on a related post.

And just like a good boy, I will say my ‘grace’. Dear lord, help me to never forget that the total entropy must always increase.

Note: It is still not definitive, but scientists have found that for nano-particles, the overall entropy may decrease.